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I suffer from DPNCF syndrome.. perhaps you have heard about it?


I am embarrassed to admit the above picture is a picture of my work desktop. I am also embarrassed to share with you that I work for a Document Management software company.

Our job as a document management software  company is to organize documents for quick and secure retrieval. I am the Training and Marketing Manager for our company and I…. suffer from  DPNCF  syndrome.

What is DPNCF syndrome?

DPNCF Definition – Desktop piler not a computer filer. Perhaps you have heard of it?

If you do you have DPNCF you  suffer from the following characteristics :

  • You work on multiple projects at once.. TOO MANY!
  • You find it easier and faster to attach from your desktop then a folder deep on your computer or shared drive or in the cloud because who has time for that digging and the passwords?  UGH remembering the passwords! BRUTAL!
  • You are a creative soul.. organization dampens your creativity.. well that’s what you tell yourself
  • You don’t worry about backups.. you are your IT departments worse nightmare!
  • You are more then happy to spend the extra time in the morning for your computer to load… because well that’s a few more minutes you can think about  creating another proposal file on your desktop!
  • There is no way to transition your job or duties to anyone… because who can figure out that mess? Did you organize by alpha, by project, by timeline? No one but you has the answers.

How Does a Document Management System Help Me?

Well let’s be honest as a sufferer from DPNCF syndrome it does not really help me personally, but it does help my colleagues in the following ways:

  • My colleagues can quickly access documents by multiple values: document title, module, version, and status.
  • The documents I place in the document management system are secured. They will live on that server until I delete them… which believe it or nor I do on my desktop every 30 days. Which means that the screenshot was post purge for the month of February (SIGH).
  • The documents in my Document Management are fully OCR’d. What does that mean? My colleagues can search by any relevant word on the document.
  • There are no silly folders on my Document Management system just doc types, doc categories, and searchable values. That keeps it simple for me and them.
  • My colleagues can quickly email the latest version of my documents from the repository  in one click!

My Document Management system makes me look good! My desktop well that’s for another post.

Are you a sufferer of DPNCF? What are your tips and tricks for handling this syndrome?

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