The Confessions of a PTA Volunteer

If you have children in Elementary School then you probably have been exposed to one of the many PTA fund raising events at your local elementary school.  I am a mom of two boys in elementary school and I am PTA volunteer.

So here is what I know:

  • You try to ignore me at pick up and drop off because you think I will ask you to do something for the school – You are right I probably will… because we need you!
  • You think I have a lot of time on my hands – WRONG! I work full time, I  have two kids,   I am pursuing my master’s degree, and I am the social media and webmaster for our local PTA.
  • You think I like to bake cookies and plan parties- WRONG! but I do know some fabulous bakers in the area!
  • You think I am way too dedicated – RIGHT! I think being involved in our schools and our children’s education is important for both our kids, our future,  and our community.
  • You think I am obsessed with education – RIGHT! It’s our job as parents and community members to support our schools. It’s our future in those walls and they need our help.
  • You think I am a great organizer and you don’t have those skills. WRONG see my earlier post about DPNCF syndrome.
  • You think you don’t have time- WRONG! Give  your PTA a minute, an hour, a day and they  will find something for you to do. I promise you!

Here is what you can do for me today:

  • Give  your local PTA your time or your money. If you don’t have time give them your money. If you don’t have money give them your time and share your talents. Did I mention most PTA’s are 501c.
  • Smile at  a PTA volunteer today. They are working hard at planning and promoting events to supply technology and  supplies to our local school.They need your encouragement and your engagement.
  • Watch this short video we posted on our PTA blog about the value of Parent involvement:


But most of all engage!


A PTA Volunteer



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