Tools of the Trade

Voice Thread: You can do more then hear me now

What it is: It’s a free collaboration tool that allows users to share media and then gather comments via multiple methods (video, online drawing, phone call, recording, typing, upload text). You can control permissions to your upload.

So in short you CAN do more then hear me on this tool 😉

The Good:

  1.  Interface is easy to understand and straight forward.
  2.  It supports multiple media options (video, voice)
  3.  You can export and embed your voice thread
  4. There is an app so it is supported with mobile devices
  5. You can share it with people by a link and they do not have to have an account

The Bad:

  1. There are export credits. This tends to make me think that you will eventually have to pay for the service.
  2. You have to have an upgraded account to use groups.
  3. When you send it to others they must log in and have an account to comment. They can however hear and view comments made by people that have an account.
  4. I would be interested to see if this type of application would pass our school districts security policies have protecting student’s work. Our District is now limiting the use of the cloud based products unless they have gone thru their process for approval.

The Test:

  • I grabbed some media off of flickr
  • I created comments via the various methods including calling my home phone. That was pretty neat
  • I created a shared link
  • I shared the test with my husband via facebook messenger
  • He was able to see and listen to all comments he was unable to comment unless he had an account.
  • Here is the link to the test if you want to see (Links to an external site.)

Potential Applications:

  1. Share student’s work and allow for commenting.
  2. Share proposals and team comments to stakeholders on story lines or drafts.

Would I use it?

Probably not. I tend to use other tools to collaborate on projects such as google docs or GTM or our internal content management tool.

Will I keep it in mind for future projects?

Yes, I think keeping tools in my arsenal is always a good idea. That is of course if I can remember the password I set up to do a run thru.


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