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The Competition is on : The Views and Share War

In February of 2017 I took on additional responsibilities at my company and became the   Marketing & Training Manager for DocVue LLC.  I am  and have been for the last 20 years an Instructional Designer and teacher for the software industry. My boss is an avid social media user, and he insisted that we improve our social media presence for both our existing and prospective clients.

Luck shows it face:

It just so happens that the first week in March our CEO and founder was selected as one of the Top 40 Women in Energy  by the Denver Business Journal. I thought to myself AHA. This is PERFECT! It is Women’s International Recognition month… she is fabulous. This for sure is  worthy of a LinkedIn post that will see likes and shares from all around our industry!

I wrote a very quick post from our company LinkedIn page


and I  had a plan to write a longer more personal note from my own LinkedIn profile to my small tribe.

The Share War Begins:

leonThis is a cartoon character I made of my boss using his LinkedIn profile picture. He admits that he is a bit addicted to social media. He has a LinkedIn tribe of over 500+ . Honestly,  I think it’s larger then he even wants to admit.

He makes one simple comment on our company post  “Congratulations Beth”. His post goes viral: 5015 views, 46 likes, and 20 comments. Trust me I know this because he reminds me daily in an email on how it is growing.

I decide I am going to make a more personal post. One that highlights our founder and CEO’s strengths so I write this to my small tribe:


My views were fair I had a whooping  213 views of my post, but my tribe is small at only 298 connections. I keep my connections small on LinkedIn intentionally.

What did I learn?

Thru this little internal competition between myself and my boss of who could get the most views on LinkedIn I learned three valuable things:

  1. It’s fun to compete – It keeps the workday amusing and it keeps my energy up. We have had many laughs over the past week.
  2. I hate to lose – I felt a little dagger  when I got the email from the boss stating “XX views”. I then would check mine and say ‘X’ views <Sigh>. For the record those emails came in multiple times day.
  3. The size of your tribe does matter-  The stakes were stacked against me from the get go. My boss’s tribe is HUGE!

My boss once said “It’s not about the scoreboard. It is about the game.” He is right one can make themselves crazy tracking likes and views . It can be addicting!  The important thing is that you are engaged in the game.  Lessons will be learned along the way.  You will not always win. The game will change. Mistakes will happen. Engagement and reflection however is required to survive these social media competitive times and to remain in the game.

I would like to hear from you:

  1. What are your tips and tricks for getting the likes and hits on your social media posts?
  2. How big is your tribe? Do you keep it small or big and why?
  3. How did my boss win this war with just two words “Congratulations Beth”?






4 thoughts on “The Competition is on : The Views and Share War”

  1. Lisa, a very insightful post! In the world of ‘social’ your reach is very important. Equally important, in my opinion, is cultivating and developing your personal ‘brand’. Your digital footprint is never covered by digital sand or disappears but it only continues to grow. Grow it wisely! Most recent update: 5,122 views, 47 Likes, 22 Comments!


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