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My Tribes and their Vibes


I am a part of three tribes.  My tribes help me to learn about myself and the world around me. They support me and help me to grow. All of my tribes are made up of people that I know. Whether I communicate face to face with my tribes or via social media feeds I am interacting and checking in with my tribes everyday. The people in my tribes are very important to me. I intentionally keep my tribes small, and I am actively engaged with my tribes daily.

Whether my bond to my tribes are thru blood or friendship we share a common bond of trust,acceptance, growth, and common interests.  Each tribe member is unique and each tribe member contributes to my well being and continued growth as a person.

Family Tribe:


  • Four immediate members
  • One furry pampered paw
  • Extended family members
  • Vibe = love, acceptance, and support

Facebook Tribe:


  • 172 Family and friends
  • 1 current coworker
  • 8 groups followed
  • Vibe = supportive, common interests, friendship

LinkedIn Tribe:


  • 298 colleagues or clients from current and past work positions
  • 12 groups followed
  • Vibe = Professional, informative, common interests

What do my future tribes look like?

I can only assume my future tribes will look very similar to my current tribes

  • We will share a common interest
  • We will communicate daily
  • We will know each other personally
  • We will have interests in common

I will keep my future tribes small. My networked learning space will consist of current friends and families in my social media tribes that share the same interest in providing a quick healthy breakfast to their family.

I want to hear from you:

What do your tribes look like?
What is their vibe?



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