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Working From Home with Kids: The Pain & Joy Are Real!

Perhaps you caught a glimpse of the latest viral BBC interview with  Professor/Dad  Robert E Kelly speaking on the ramifications  of the recent impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye.  The professor was being interviewed live  at what you might think was his  office until…… well until his kiddo comes in to say hi to dad.








Original Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-39232538

The office appears tidy. Professor Kelly is wearing a tie. The interview is going splendid.   And then… THEN  his toddler comes busting into the room dancing. The father does not notice until the reporter points out on live TV that it looks like his child has entered the room.

What happens next is that the mom comes in with super hero like powers and the ability to wrangle the kids in a quick fairly graceful swoop. The father takes a moment. He  closes his eyes and says “My apologies” with a slight chuckle. His composure and reaction is  CLASSIC and provides a lesson for us all!

This video went viral in less then 24 hours! Working parents from around the world related to both mom and dad. Some of that reaction was unfortunately negative. Some people questioned the parents techniques, engagement,  and role in the family unit.   I personally thought the video was great and this is why:

  • Clearly they are great parents– The kids are happy. Shouldn’t  everyone enter a room dancing like little Marion. Her enthusiasm is contagious and awesome! She clearly likes to dance and likes being with her dad. Professor Kelly admits behind his chair in his home office are toys and books for the kiddos. They are frequently allowed to join him in his home office, but not during interviews. This time Professor Kelly forgot to lock the door. I say good thing he forgot.Imagine what we would have missed out on if he had remembered to lock the door. Doors are not meant to be locked they should remain open so that we can have a little joy enter into our space.
  • We all should take a moment to gain our composure before we just react-   Can you imagine you are on live TV! It would be easy for any parent to simply LOSE IT! We all could learn a lesson from Professor Kelly’s short moment of grace, composure, and humor captured in a live interview.
  • It can’t all be about work– People have lives. Things happen, and for the working parents that work from their homes this includes unscheduled joyful interruptions from your wee ones.
  • People will judge– People are quick to judge. They are especially quick to judge on social media.  I am not sure I understand why. The negativity on this short video directed at the family puzzled me. Don’t take life so seriously!  Little Marion does not take life so seriously. She finds fun in dancing and singing.  Isn’t that the way life should be? Professor Kelly is happy and clearly an engaged  parent in his family.  The reporter did not judge he was amused.  The mom did what she had to do and moved onto her next daily challenge juggling two young kiddos.  So why judge?  All is well. Nobody got hurt here.

Final Thoughts:

 James Stroker a former coach in Ridgewood NJ and now motivational speaker states “The E+R = O”.  He reminds us all that you can not control the events that will occur in your life. You only have control over your reaction to the event. Your reaction to the event affects the effect of the outcome. I love this and could not agree more with Coach Stroker.

We can’t control our kids. We can control our reaction to their actions. Professor Kelly provides all of us with a quick lesson on parenting.  When your kids or an event is outside of your control ->  take that small moment to close your eyes ->  take a deep breath -> apologize and move on. The outcome will most definitely be effected. Professor Kelly admits his first concern was that the BBC would never be contacting him again for an interview. He did not intend nor did he expect to become a Youtube viral sensation. In the end there are millions of people that now know that the president of Korea has been impeached. They also know they are not alone juggling work and home life.

See Professor Kelly’s interview after his video went viral with his family members. Watch little Marion she is still very happy and doing her normal thing despite her new claimed fame.


We want to hear from you. What were you thoughts after watching the video?


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