Business Portfolio

I currently work for a Document Management company as their Training and Marketing Manager. DocVue specializes in creating document content solutions for the Oil and Gas industry.  In 2017 those crazy guys decided it was a good idea for me to run the training & marketing departments. I also consult and do sales demo for the product.

Want to see some of my latest work at DocVue?

<Graphic Placeholder>  Our company has a public Vimeo portfolio that can be viewed with my work utilizing powtoon and Camtasia. I am very thankful I was exposed to these tools in my master’s program. At DocVue we are small and work on lean budget. I need tools that I can pick up fast -> produce -> and move on!

We also hold a full video training library for our licensed clients with quick 4-6 minutes videos.I write and produce those videos as well as keep our customer portal and our documentation up to date.

My favorite video I created was the Taming of the Yeti that’s me in that costume and I sewed and bedazzled the cape! I also wore that hideous thing for a large client conference in Texas….  it was HOT HOT HOT! It was also one of more successful trade show events with foot massages at our booth, a yeti cooler give away, and of course appearances by the DocVue Yeti himself.

<Graphic Placeholder> I have recently taken over our LinkedIn page with my new duties as marketing manager. So it’s me and one other guy that write for our company.

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