Academic: Recorded Videos

The tools I have used to develop videos are camatasia, vimeo, and Youtube.

Some of my very favorites are below:

<Graphic Placeholder> PARCC Testing

Take a look with me at the controversy surrounding PARCC testing. In this challenge we were asked to create Pecha Kucha style presentation.

<Graphic Placeholder > Kindergarten Class 2025

In this assignment we were asked to create a reflection video on what it would be like to be a Kindergartner in the year 2025.

<Graphic Placeholder> It’s what happens in the Middle that matters

This is my story and my realization that is not how the story begins or ends but what happens in the middle that really matters.

<Graphic Placeholder> That which is important is life not technology backup!

My journey thru a YouTube horror story while working 1/2 time PTA social media 1/2 time student.

<Graphic Placeholder> Move the Cheese

In this short video we were asked to write an original script, film, and post.